ZeusMiner THUNDER X3 28-30Mh/s


Now is the time to create your own passionate mining experience with ZeusMiner Thunder 28-30 Mh/s. -Small form factor-Flexible deployment-Intelligent design for maximum cooling-Super easy configuration-28+Mh/s @920W DC-1200W modular 80P...

ZeusMiner THUNDER X6 18-20Mh/s


ZeusMiner Thunder X6 18-20Mh/s Scrypt ASIC Miner Revolutionary Improvement -Low power consumption-Amazing cooling and quietness-Super easy configuration-18-20Mh/s @450W DC-500W modular 80PLUS Gold or Platinum PSU recommended-6/8 pin PCI-E...

ZeusMiner VOLCANO 300Mh/s @1000W


-300Mh/s @ 1000W -Next Generation Chips (1.2 Mh/s per chip) -Perfected heat and noise control -State-of-the-mining-art design -PSU not included -1200W modular 80PLUS Gold&nbs...

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